Why You Should Inspect Your Rental Properties

Many landlords and property managers are obsessed with DIY inspections. They disregard hiring capable professionals to inspect their rental properties. Instead, they investigate on their own. What’s worse is that the only time they do perform an inspection is when responding to emergency calls and complaints coming from their tenants. They rarely make the initiative in checking if everything is fine and if their property is still in tip-top shape. However, this is a common mistake that you should not continue. At Rental House Inspections Melbourne, we’ll make sure that you’ll never overlook this crucial step again.


In this article, we’re going to show you some reasons why you should conduct regular inspections for your rental properties:


1.) Ensure Your Tenants Are Happy and Satisfied

To maintain a good relationship between landlord and tenant, the former should address the needs and concerns of the latter. Not only will this prevent any disputes between the two parties but will also ensure that your tenants are following the terms of the lease. That’s why you need to conduct regular inspections to ensure that you’re aware of your obligations, as well as know if your tenants are violating any rules.


2.) Ensure Tenant Retention

Apart from the tenant, it’s also important that the landlord abides with the terms of the lease. An inspection can verify that – ensuring that both parties comply with the terms and conditions outlined by the lease contract. Once your tenants know that you’re also upholding your end of the deal, it will give both of them satisfaction and peace of mind, which contributes to the retention of your tenants. Happy and satisfied tenants will always stay longer.


3.) Reinforce that No Illegal Activity Is Taking Place in Your Property

Ever hearing in the news about rental properties turned into drug dens; other illegal activities occurring under the noses of the landlords and property managers? If you don’t want that to happen to you, then schedule regular inspections to make sure that the tenants living in your home are not doing any illegal things within your rental property. It will also verify the record of your tenants and if whether or not they have past activities of doing crime or anything that’s against the law.


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