Why Pergolas are a Must have Outdoor Structures

If you love living and spending your time to the fullest, then you must agree with me that installing a pergola in your outdoor space become a necessity. Apparently, Melbourne and most parts of SA enjoys the best weather all-year-round, and so this makes it fun to stay outdoors having fun with the kids or making out with family and friends. Therefore, you will need a place you can relax and get that outdoor feeling while being protected from the harsh weather elements. And what can do this better than pergolas Melbourne? A pergola is the best structure when it comes to having fun outdoors since it brings nature close to you while still enjoy protection which means that it also has an indoor feel.

You might wonder why installing a pergola is a big deal and a must-have in your outdoors? Why not just have a verandah instead? Well, these are two different structures that are incomparable. For example, while a verandah is well roofed and sometimes with half walls, the pergola is not entirely roofed which means you get sufficient lighting. Also, it is not walled which gives a great view of your landscape and even a chance to interact with nature. Therefore, although a verandah is very important for the benefits best known to every homeowner, a pergola gives you the privacy away from your main house where you can have private conversations without having to mind about a third ear listening.

Now, when it comes to building a pergola, the location is significant. Although the area will depend on the space available, it is always wise to create a stand-alone pergola located some distance from the main house. This way, you will be able to utilise the space in your home and also add a unique feature to your landscape. A pergola becomes part of the landscape in the sense that you can as well include some climbing plants which makes your pergola green, adding beauty to your land and also offering your fresh and cold air. What else could anyone ask?


Still on the construction part, be sure to choose the best materials for your pergola. Also, the size and design of the structure should be according to your desires and even the size of the available space. Wood is very popular with pergolas Melbourne as it easily blends with nature. Also, it looks natural, and it’s straightforward to use. However, when using wood, ensure that the wood is well-treated since it will get exposure to a lot of abuse from the harsh weather elements. You can as well use metal for your pergola construction. With the installation itself, you can do it alone, or if you need a professional looking pergola, you can hire the pergola builders.